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Here is a sample of what ETNmembers are saying about our Training and Resources:

 “Just made 32% on my R.I.C. based on Dan's strategy. Would have made much more using your straddle Dave. An 11% jump… Wow! That more than covered my investment in your course, so I'll be signing up! Cheers.”

Avi F.

“To your credit I made enough money in a very short time to cover my education and then some.  That’s never happened to me before.  It’s just a matter of trying to stay focused on one approach.  I’ve already recommended you to other traders.”

Jim D.

 “Being a part of setting ETNtrade in motion has been a privilege for me.  Seeing what the two of you put into this project is a rare experience and a pleasure.  I look forward to being with ETNtrade just to watch our evolution!”

Martha H.

 “Your program is the best learning and training experience of my 40+ years of trading.  You guys are true professionals, and excellent in providing what the retail trader needs.  I've learned a lot of good stuff by participating in your program. Thank You for all that you have given me.”

Bill D.

“Just want to say what a great job both you and Dave are doing.  Really, really, really good classes.  I'm learning soooooo much, and in an enjoyable manner which makes the material stick more. I believe that all things happen for a reason. If only I had this a year ago, I wouldn't have lost so much money last year.”

Ricki A.

 “The hardest part of this training is the homework. The best part of this training is definitely the homework! You really make me think and apply my training, and I learn so much from my mistakes.  The Skew lesson really threw me, but after doing the exercise and reviewing it live today during class made the light bulb go off. I will be leaving in about an hour for Germany.  I think it's funny that I’ve done your lessons in South Africa, Nigeria, Barcelona, and now Germany!  I want to tell you that I have learned so much from these lessons, and I thoroughly enjoy them.  Thanks so much to both of you.  Just when I was about to throw in the towel I found you!”

Monica V.

“I think with these courses it is really important to have reinforcement and continuity. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I just simply love your energy and enthusiasm Dave!”

Edith K.

“I have taken all types of classes - all more expensive. I think I have a good basis on which to comment, and your ETN offerings are excellent. Clearly the best cost/benefit experience I have ever had. You have an ability to make complicated stuff seem straightforward and uncomplicated.  There are authentic human qualities called caring and integrity that I first saw in Dan, and which I have come to see in you Dave. At 62, I have been around the block a few times and recognize excellence when I see it.”

Kim L.

“I'm enjoying the classes and getting a lot out of them.”

Randall A.

“I really can't express enough how much I've learned over the past 4 months, both T/A and how the Option Market works from your trainings.  I feel so ripped off by Optionetics when I think about the time and $ invested with them and what I didn't get.  I do think you two are too modest and should beat your own chest more in your training.  I enjoy hearing about your cars, toys, vacations as well as your philanthropy.  These are the things I am looking for in the near future, and it inspires me.”

Tim C.

“I want to report my first really big success! I did a strangle on Toyota and came out nicely in the green. I stuck with my trading plan.”

Dr. Bob B.

“I love the hunt for stocks; I love the analytical side of calculating the trade.  So, I’ve decided that I need more than a workshop – I need the ongoing coaching your program will provide.”

Sharon J.

“How about ADBE? Never seen anything like this morning... faster than lightning. Before Dave got the words out of his mouth that you need to be sitting at computer... 9:42am...WOW, u guys r 2 MUCH!”

Barry S.

“I have looked "high and low" for a program that will teach option trading and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. When your expectations are met and exceeded, your students are your best form of advertisement.”

Ray T.

“The classes are great and you are doing a fantastic job!”

Bernie C.

“I have been trading options for several years with Investools and this (ETNtrade) is the best training I have ever had.”

Tim T.

“Set my limit and just watched it get filled for a $310 profit including commission. This was a real trade - NICE WORK DAN - helped to pay for my premium membership this month! Yes! This is finally getting to be fun - thanks to ETNtrade.”

Greg K.

 “I just exited my GOOG 500/480 Strangle, which I entered yesterday morning. A bit disappointed having only made $1700 in less than 24 hrs (just kidding). Thanks guys. Keep up the fantastic work…I think I love you boys.”

Harry H.

“The flexibility of ETNtrade - month to month, Standard or Premium, videos of classes, retaking classes… all adds up to a real value for the price.  I loved it when you mentioned the objective of other training organizations seems to have changed from training to selling.”

Walter L.

“My wife says I am getting addicted to Trading.”

Rodney T.

 “I really enjoyed these sessions. I felt very engaged and involved. I've learned a lot of theory in the past, but it was too dry and I didn't learn how to apply it to trades. These sessions were fun and interesting, and I feel like I can apply what I've learned to real trades.”

Victoria G.

“I have learned a lot.  Your services are top of the line, and you deserve the success you have worked so hard to achieve.  I wish you God's blessing.”

Roland H.

“As a flight instructor, I know that not all people learn at the same rate, and not all people take in information and calculate the result the same way.  Breaking it down another way like you did, the light went on and it made sense.  Thanks again for the time it took to explain.  This makes me confident the investment was well worth it when I get this kind of service.”

Steve K.

“I was looking at the previous Sharp Shooter session in AWE of how correct the Marksman was. Could you put up the one from last night?  I want to review the DPS analysis.”

Rowland W.

“I am on track to finally have a profitable trading year.  What I have learned from you is priceless.  The discussion boards are a wealth of info as well!”

Monica V.

“Thanks so much Dan. This is another reason why I wanted to hook up with you guys - because you and Dave are real people, straight shooters. Those are the keys to success in my book.”

Lyle N.

“The best option training I have ever had, and with a lot more detail and insight into the process. Great Service!”

Kenneth F.

“All I can say is DollarBart rules! I bought 3 AAPL 470 calls in my retirement account for $1.97 each based on Bart’s analysis and sold it today for $26. Wow, nice 1200% return.”

Jason B.

“I have shared my experience with folks I know that would benefit by becoming an ETNtrade member. One of these days they will get serious, and realize that option trading done the correct way (through ETN training) is the smart way to go.”

Ray T.

“Made 71% on my Google Wk 2 580 calls. In at $7.00 on Wednesday, out at $12.02. Thanks, lovin’ it.”

Joe W.

“Here is a list of my trades for July with results.  AA (45%), YUM 17%, JPM (17%), GOOG 105%, GOOG 123%, CSCO (24 %), MRVL 61%, T 27%, YHOO 20%.  Total Profit $3805.  Although I missed my goal of paying for the course while taking it, I did pay for it the first week after. Outstanding! I thought you might enjoy hearing one of your student’s first month experience. It’s a lot of work, but worth it.  Thanks again for all your help.”

Fred L.

“Since your training I have tripled my portfolio. I have mastered your ‘crazy movers’ watch list.”

Gus G.

“GOOG was my very first trade last October while taking the classes. I bought 1 Nov 530/550 strangle for $31.25 and sold it for $53.90. It paid for my classes with a little left over.  That made my husband happy too.  Thanks for teaching me these non-directional trades!!”

Jolene H.

“You guys are the real thing. I see how you put your soul into teaching us, and I appreciate that a lot.”

Victor P.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the classes you are putting on. I have taken many, many classes. This is by far the best one ever... by far the hardest, but the best. I am very confident that what you are teaching us will be very beneficial for the rest of my trading career. Thank you.”

Dan G.

“Made $5,500 on NAV today on an earnings spread I entered June 2nd. The cost of the trade was $4,130 for a 133% return. I also made money on GIII today (also entered June 2nd).  GIII up $3,834 on trade of $2,010 for 190% return. 2 for 2!”

Ron G.

“I joined and used the coaching program of Optionetics for 9 months, been virtual trading and back-testing the pricey Optionetics Platinum plus Integrator Investor (Profit Source TA Platform). I did the 3 day essentials, 8 week coaching, went to Las Vegas for the 4-day Advanced Strategies and 2 Masters Classes. All those months with them, I still felt lost, no confidence on doing real trades, no support and they continue to up sell. In 2 months with ETNtrade… training was simple and direct, especially the Greeks. The live sessions are comprehensive, lots of case studies and support. The biggest help for me is the weekly live trades. It keeps me focused and gives me confidence. But, the important thing is I’m learning. The lesson on “Trade Exits & Option Expiration” was by far what separates ETNtrade from others.I don’t think others are teaching this, not even in my classes with optionsXpress. I do get emotional, sometimes not sticking to the plan, but I can say I’m really learning. I can hear Dan and Dave in my head - ‘stick to your plan!’…”

Darryl D.

“I would like to commend you on your demeanor and professionalism. I never once was disappointed with the training, or felt that you didn’t give your fullest to providing the best for your students. I truly looked forward to every session that I was able to participate on. I highly recommend your services. If your travels ever bring you to the Colorado Springs area, I would be honored to have you over for dinner and a beer or two.”

Michael C.

“Morning Dan, I decided to try your trade- it looked very interesting. Right now at 8:45am CT the trade is about $250 to the good. I know the profit potential you said would be $370. My exit plan is to close the trade before expiration today. Thanks Dan.”

Greg K.

“&'#%^! Sold my OREX position this morning… bought 30 contracts, only made about $15,000. Lunch anyone? Keep those coming and you'll have a client for life. Love you guys.”

Harry H.

"This training is just great. You have such a way, Dave. This training is worth every cent and more. I'm sure you've heard this before but it is true. As I may have told you, I spent 10x this on a one to one training class several years ago that left me frustrated and more confused than before I took it. I could go on and on about it but it was a total waste of money. I can't say I took one thing away from that training. I guess that's one reason I was so hesitant to jump onboard. I love that you stress risk, risk, risk!   I was never taught before to think about that or probability. Thank you so much! I would like to take advantage of the Premium Membership for the rest of the year.”

Monica V.

"I've bought a lot of option trading ‘training’ over the years.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of these classes I love your volatility lectures.  I had some ‘Aha moments’ each time I heard them.  I’m just now beginning to see the magnitude of what you both have given us.  As I was going through the recordings a second time, I started to hear things for the first time.  I can clearly see how I was just stabbing at trading with my eyes closed.  It was just crazy. All I can say is THANKS!!!”

Martha H.

“You and Dave have been very good at giving us great information. Also, the Live Trade sessions and Discussion Board have greatly reduced my learning curve.  I have learned a lot from ETNtrade. Thanks.”

Tim C.

“I am so grateful. Actually, I am kind of dumbfounded. It still has to sink in. I went over my notes from Monday and double checked my trades for ADBE and KBH. I am such a happy camper now, and I just wanted to write and share my joy. I already have all my course money back. Now I only have to keep up trading the way you teach. As you said, ‘technical analysis is great, and I am happy I know it, but risk management and knowing when to get in and out is an art that is much more important’. Thanks again.”

Ria T.

“Great lessons by the way, and I’m really glad I’m on board with you guys!”

Paul S.

 "Like you, I'm a firm believer in having realistic goals, written, and in a place where I have to look at them regularly.  They must be specific, similar to a date.  Saying that you'll get together for lunch sometime is not a commitment.  You've got to say when and where.”

Ricki A.

“I really appreciate the approach you are taking. I'm really pleased that I have become involved in trading when I have, and have been really fortunate to have fallen in where I have with Dave and ETNtrade.”

Rod T.



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