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At ETNtrade, our goal is to give our ETNmembers the best possible resources available.  Our top priority is to bring in the best Elite Traders we can find.  While we are looking for people who are great Traders, more importantly, we are looking for people who are great Educators as well.

Every Wednesday, we invite one of our Elite Traders to teach a class in their respective expertise.  With this, our Members are presented with many different perspectives of the Market, and are always working with true Experts in each area of trading, not just with one self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades.  This is what truly makes ETNtrade the most unique trading organization in the world today. 

Please allow us to introduce our Elite Team of ETNtraders:


"The best way to succeed in life is to help others succeed in theirs."

From 2001 to 2008, Dave Meldeau, OptionDave, traveled the world introducing Traders of all backgrounds to the protection and profitability of the Options Market.  Since then, he has offered these same opportunities to a broader audience through the use of an Online Training Platform.  For this reason, when you join one of OptionDave’s ETNtrade Classes, it is not uncommon to have traders from 5 continents all in attendance together.

OptionDave has taught students from over 18 countries, including the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Brazil, and many countries in Africa.  He has had the pleasure of introducing over 20,000 to some of the Option Market's most coveted strategies that have helped his Students protect their assets and create profits no matter what the Market throws at them.


"True personal wealth is the result of focused and educated effort."

Growing up in the asset management business, Dan was fortunate at an early age to have an insider’s look into our financial markets and the available vehicles for growth, income & protection.  Taking this background to Yale University added immediate clarity to the value of the source of a person’s education.  Learn from those that actually do it, and the most successful investors in the World have one common thread…the options market.  Why?  Simply put, probability for consistent success with limited capital risk.  It was 1991 when the true education began, working with the best Economics Professors the Ivy League has to offer - both active and retired hedge-fund managers who consistently challenged the typical buy & hold philosophies.

In 2002, Dan began his own journey into teaching others the arsenal of investment strategies he has learned, developed & used to personally prosper.  After 9 years of teaching, while still actively trading, Dan has helped tens of thousands of individuals realize their true capacity & worth as investors.  It is a reward far beyond any financial achievement, and ETNtrade will perpetuate this commitment to excellence as THE resource for those that are truly serious about managing their personal portfolio.

Michael W. Thompson

" is proud to partner with"

Michael has served Worden Brothers for 11 years as a national instructor, Director of Marketing and currently as Director of Business and Client Relations, where he has developed and manages their growing Affiliate and Advertising programs. As one of the key instructors at Worden Brothers’ national seminars, he is well known for taking advanced charting concepts and making them easy to both understand and apply. An expert chart technician, he will offer clear insight on how to maximize the technical analysis software and tools for effective trading decisions. Worden Brothers, Inc. is maker of TC2000 and StockFinder software packages as well as the website,—free streaming real time charting.


"Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan."

After day trading the Stock Market through College, DollarBart began his early trading career with a small trading desk specializing in trading foreign stocks on the different international Exchanges. During DollarBart’s early career, he learned techniques in arbitrage, hedging and foreign currency trading. Later DollarBart took his talents to MorganStanley and managed a small team of Professional Traders specializing in International Equity and Currency Trading.

Throughout his career, DollarBart has used his unique approach of combining Intermarket Analysis, Technical Analysis and Risk Management to develop successful trading strategies that can be learned and used by anyone. Recently, DollarBart left a large Wall Street Futures Commodities Merchant where he worked as a Director for a firm that trades over $110 billion a month in over-the-counter trading volume. DollarBart has taught his valued strategies in Technical Analysis to Traders all over the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Today DollarBart actively trades stocks, options, forex and commodities, identifying his entries and exits using technical analysis.

The Marksman

"Don't Lose Money!"

The Marksman is a Graduate of DePauw University.  Since Graduation, he has worked on multiple Institutional and Retail Trading Desks.  While his specialization is in Equities and ADRs, he has a unique focus in the FDA/ PDUFA arena as well.

With a unique and effective approach, the Marksman delivers ETNtraders a specialized look at Technical Analysis through the eyes of a Professional.  Most Traders and not good Teachers; most Teachers are not great Traders.  The Marksman has the unusual combination of both that is widely sought after in the Training Industry.


"If you truly want to be great, show others how great they already are."

As a very successful Real Estate Investor, Monte took it upon himself to diversify his investment portfolio into an arena with much less time commitment: The Stock and Forex Markets.  For the past six years, Monte’s primary focus has been mastery of professional Technical Analysis techniques.  He has studied under some of the best Technicians in the world, and his market results earned him a position as Senior Trader with a very successful trading organization.  Monte has won numerous trading competitions and accolades throughout his career.  He continues to travel nationally teaching Technical Analysis on the Stock and Forex Markets, as well as the necessities to operate a successful trading business.

With a solid understanding of trading smaller time frames, Monte is able to show traders how to immediately identify opportunities.  He believes that confidence is the first step to becoming a profitable technical trader, and the more confident one is in their trades, the better their results will be.

The Sandman

"Discipline is the key to successful trading: Get to your goal, then get out."

After graduating from Florida State University, the Sandman immediately jumped into the finance world beginning his career as a Financial Advisor.  He began in New York City at the World Trade Center and has now been to eight different countries helping individuals with their investing lives.  In the beginning, he primarily focused on trading individual stocks on the NYSE.  Over time, he has traded just about every possible market including stock options, index options, mutual funds, bond funds, futures, forex, and commodities.  His professional experience has guided him to a simple conclusion – there are specific financial vehicles that are far superior to others.  Today, the Sandman trades for himself and focuses on trading various option strategies on individual stocks and indices.


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