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ETNtrade 12-Module Options Trading Webinar Series

Session 1

Basic Options (2 Hrs) 
  • Defining and Applying Option Terminology
  • Website Demonstration
  • Moneyness - Option Pricing Breakdown
  • Option Broker Review
  • Introduction to the Greeks


Session 2

Applying Basic Options (2 Hrs)
  • Buying and Selling Options
  • Capital Requirements
  • Picking the Option, Strike and Expiration
  • Entries, Exits and Expiration
  • Introduction to Spreads


Session 3

Basic Spread Trading (2 Hrs)
  • Hedge-Directional Spreads
    • Debit Spreads
    • Credit Spreads
  • Time Spreads
    • Calendar Spreads
    • Diagonal Spreads
  • Effect of Options Expiration on Your Trade


Session 4

Advanced Spread Trading (2 Hrs)
  • Non-Directional Spreads
    • Straddles
    • Strangles
  • Advanced Non-Directional Spreads
    • Iron Condor
    • Butterfly
  • Placing Spread Trades in a Real Account


Session 5

Basic Risk Curve Analysis (2 Hrs)
  • Calls, Puts and Basic Spreads Risk Curves
  • Identifying Maximum Risk
  • Calculating Breakeven Point(s)
  • Determine Profit Potential
  • Clearly Defining Exit Point(s)


Session 6 

Advanced Risk Curve Analysis (2 Hrs) 
  • Straddle and Strangle Risk Curves
  • Advanced Spreads Risk Curve Analysis
  • Capital Requirement Calculations
  • Time Decay Calculations Using Risk Curves
  • Comparing Multiple Risk Curves


Session 7

Basic Theta and Theta Decay (2 Hrs) 
  • Calculating Theta on Puts and Calls
  • Theta Decay and Impact on Premium
  • Measuring Theta Decay for Calls and Puts
  • Calculating Theta Decay for a Spread Trade


Session 8

Advanced Theta with Application (2 Hrs) 
  • Theta Decay and Risk Curves for Spreads
  • Risk Curves with Theta Decay for Straddles and Strangles
  • Using Theta to Identify Exit Strategy
  • Adjusting Risk Curve to Accurately Reflect Theta


Session 9

Basic Vega and Implied Volatility (2 Hrs)
  • Calculating Vega on Puts and Calls
  • Introduction to Implied Volatility
  • Implied Volatility’s Effect on Calls and Puts
  • Historical Volatility versus Implied Volatility


Session 10

Advanced Vega and IV with Application (2 Hrs)
  • Charting Volatility Smiles and Smirks
  • Volatility Time and Strike Skews
  • Indentifying Spread Trading Opportunities Using Volatility
  • Placing Calendar Spreads with IV Time Skews


Session 11

Basic Delta and Gamma (2 Hrs)
  • Calculating Delta on Puts and Calls
  • Choosing an Option Using Delta 
  • Gamma’s Effect on Delta
  • Spread Trading Using Delta and Gamma


Session 12

Advanced Delta and Gamma with Application (2 Hrs) 
  • Calculating Delta and Gamma in Spread Trades
  • Delta Neutral Trading
  • Gamma Neutral Trading
  • Delta and Gamma’s Effect on Credit and Debit Spreads


Bonus Session 

Preparing for the Future (2 Hrs) 
  • Developing Individual and Overall Trading Plans
  • Using the ETN Trading Templates
  • Proper Diversification
  • Setting Measurable and Achievable Goals
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Real Trade Application 









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