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Who is ETNtrade?

The Elite Trader Network, ETNtrade, is a Private, Member-Centric Options Trading Community, providing dynamic Trader Resources, Strategic Training and World-Class Support.  ETNtraders work with and learn from each other using relevant resources and timely discussions, while ETNtrade's Elite Traders provide Live Trainings, Trading Sessions, and much more, using a web-based instruction method.  ETNtrade is a powerful network of Traders educated in the same discipline, viewing market opportunities with the same magnifying lens, and speaking the same market language.  Join us for a Free Introductory Session Listed on the Right Side of This Page to learn more about what makes ETNtrade a truly unique and focused community in today's unique and lucrative market.


Why was ETNtrade developed?

What good is a network of Traders working together if they themselves don't have a handle on the key concepts Elite Traders employ every day in the market?  What is the value of a Discussion Forum if it is overrun with arguments and insults, which cause a distraction to the serious Traders?  ETNtrade was founded by Traders who have experienced what is being offered in the arena of true financial education.  Their collective experience has been pure disappointment with regard to content of instruction, depth of knowledge, efficient learning methods, and true market application.  ETNtrade was born from one fundamental ideal– a promise of education is a vow not to be broken nor trampled on with incessant up-selling and promises of tomorrow.  That sour taste has stirred a sleeping GIANT.  We provide REAL education and REAL market application.  It is for these reasons that ETNtrade is a powerful reality.


What has ETNtrade accomplished?

Taking over 30 years of collective market experience, the ETNtrade Co-Founders have created a Member-Centric Network with and for serious Option Traders.  However, our curriculum applies to all financial markets.  We build reality, not dreams.  The first two stages of our mission are complete.  First, our Founding Member base has been established, and we are all collectively and actively contributing to our selective expansion and resource development.  Second, we have our Member-Only Website which allows the general public to browse, yet only ETNtrade Members may login and enjoy all of its advanced trading resources.  We are very proud of where we have come, however we refuse to stop here and get comfortable.  We add new features constantly, and look to our Members for suggestions that will make their experience even more valuable.  By all means, if there is something you are looking for, or you have suggestions yourself, please do not hesitate to let us know:


What is the mission of ETNtrade?

The mission of ETNtrade is to continually deliver cutting-edge training, analysis resources and support for serious Traders.  Our Members are ecstatic from their experience since our launch, as they have been immersed in a level of learning and application never delivered before.  The collective benefit, as a Member-Centric Network, is a rock solid foundation of motivated Traders working and learning together, while referring other qualified candidates through their own professional and social circles.  What we teach has immense value, as do the resources we provide.


Are you a Candidate?

Just as you need to examine what ETNtrade offers, we need the opportunity to examine what you bring to the table.  ETNtrade Members have the total package and a complete edge on the markets.  Being an active member carries privileges which are unique, specific and powerful.  This Network is not for everyone.  In fact, the majority of Individual Investors in the market do NOT have what it takes.  Do you have what it takes to be an Elite Trader?  Do you have the desire to do whatever it takes to be successful in the Options Market?  We are here to help you determine the answer, but until you commit to try, you will never know.  Individual investors fight the same pitfalls every trading day.  ETNtrade helps its active members address these concerns with a head-on approach at every point of contact.  We unite and reinforce a repetitious, diligent and disciplined trading plan with a very confident approach.  Let us teach you to overcome these hurdles, so you no longer feel ill-equipped or disadvantaged.  Become Elite and allow ETNtrade to assist you in achieving each and every one of your financial goals.


 So, are you a Candidate?  Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Do you feel you are repeatedly making the same mistakes in the market?
  2. Do you have a problem with emotion affecting your market decisions?
  3. Are you looking for a specific trading plan that includes active risk management and multiple exit targets?
  4. Do you understand high level strategies in theory, but freeze when it comes to actually placing the trades?
  5. Do you wish you understood how to adjust your positions to ensure profitability in real time?
  6. Do you really want to understand why success is about defining trade structure, not “picking a stock”?
  7. Do you truly want to understand the Greeks and their influence on each option strategy?
  8. Would you benefit immediately from understanding how to calculate the impact of Theta, Vega, Delta, Historical and Implied Volatility in your trading plan?
  9. Do you want to understand how to professionally balance Probability and Risk/Reward parameters?
  10. Do you have the desire and capital to start the right way?
  11. Do you want to be Elite?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Register Now on the top right side of this page for our next FREE EVENT!



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