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Want Results? How About 7 for 7 In ONE Week!!!

OptionDave had a record setting week once again!  Can you say 7 for 7?  Truly phenomenal consistency over here at ETNtrade.  Here are the results for our trades that we opened on Monday, August 26 and closed at weekly expiration on August 30:

AAPL – August Wk5 Bear Call Spread = 52% ROI

CRM – August Wk5 Reverse Iron Condor = 56% ROI

GPS – August Wk5 Bear Call Spread = 32% ROI

TIF – August Wk5 Iron Condor = 21% ROI

TIF – August Wk5 Bull Put Spread = 3% ROI

WMT – August Wk5 Broken Wing Iron Condor = 15% ROI

WMT – August Wk5 Bull Put Spread = 10% ROI

I have to add that DanTrader also came to the table batting .667 (not a bad slugging percentage at that). Not as many weekly trades, but boy does he have some big winners pending for September expiration!!!

CREE – August Wk5 Iron Condor = 34% ROI

TSLA – August Wk5 Iron Condor = (56%) ROI

JOY – August Wk5 Reverse Call Condor = 32% ROI

Keep up the GREAT WORK ETNtraders!!!

August 16 Live Trade Exit Results!

Today we hosted our monthly Option Expiration Live Trade Exits Class with our Active Members.  We are continually opening and closing trades on a daily basis, and these are the results for ALL of the trades that we took action on LIVE during our ETNtrade Live Exits Class.

I also want to note that of the 24 trades we closed LIVE during this class, 20 were winners and 4 were "learning experiences".  In other words, we had an 83% Win/Loss Ratio during the class!  Here are the trades and results:

KBH – August 18/19 bear call. ROI 108%.


DPZ – August 65/70 bull call spread. ROI (100%).


RCL – August 33/34, 39/40 iron condor. ROI 43%.


IMAX – August 23/24, 27/28 iron condor. ROI 54%.


SODA – August 45/50, 65/70 iron condor. ROI 35%.


CTRP – August 36/37 bull call spread. ROI 54%.


ATVI – August 17/18 bear call spread. ROI 148%.


DTV – August 57.50/60, 67.50/70 iron condor. ROI 25%.


SFLY – August 50/52.50, 57.50/60 reverse iron condor. ROI (20%).


DISH – August 42/43, 47/48 iron condor. ROI 100%.


Z – August 70/75, 100/105 iron condor. ROI 64%.


THC – August 42/43, 47/48 reverse iron condor. ROI 100%.


THC – August 43/44, 46/47 reverse iron condor. ROI 43%.


CREE – August 75/77.50 bull call spread. ROI (100%).


A – August 46/47 bull put spread. ROI 67%.


DE – August 77.50/80, 87.50/90 iron condor. ROI 23%.


BYI – August 70/75 bear call spread. ROI 68%.


FB – August 37.50/38.50/39.50 put butterfly. ROI (100%).


CSCO – August 24.50/25, 27(x2)/27.50(x2) reverse iron condor. ROI 14%.


NTAP – August 39.50/40 bull put spread. ROI 19%.


VMW – August 85/87.50 bear call spread. ROI 67%.


REGN – August 240/245 bear call spread. ROI 79%.


TSLA – August 133/134, 145/146 iron condor. ROI 37%.


HLF – August 63/64, 67/68 iron condor. ROI 45%.



Another FANTASTIC Expiration Friday!  Congratulations ETNtrade Members!!!

August 9 Live Trading Exit Results!

What a FANTASTIC Friday at ETNtrade!  Here are the results for ALL the trades we closed today that were entered during our Member-Only Live Trading Session:

Nvidia (NVDA): Wk2 iron condor = ROI 47%

Groupon (GRPN): Wk2 RIC = ROI 47%, Wk2 RIC (aggressive) = ROI 108%, Wk2 Bull Put = 150% ROI

Tesla (TSLA): Wk2 Iron Condor = ROI 55%, Wk2 Bull Put = ROI 144% (PCLN): Wk2 RIC = ROI 37%

Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR): Wk2 RIC = ROI (100%)  had the right move, buyers came back in today so we had to let this one go. 

McDonalds (MCD):  Wk2 Bear Call = ROI 72%

9 trades, 8 winners, Win/Loss Ratio 89%!!!

I'd be happy to put these results up against ANYONE!  Great Job ETNtraders - Enjoy your weekend, you earned it!

RESULTS: August 2nd Live Trade Exits

ETNtrade closed 6 trades this past Friday, August 2nd.  Here are ALL of the results:

Mastercard (MA) - August Wk1 bull call spread

$1.55 debit, $3.45 profit potential

MA closed Friday at $645.26, call spread expired fully ITM for MAX PROFIT = ROI 223%!!!

British Petroleum (BP) - August Wk1 Reverse Iron Condor

$.20 debit, $.30 profit potential

BP closed Friday at $41.93, put spread expired fully ITM for MAX PROFIT = ROI 150%

Exxon (XOM) - August Wk1 bear call spread

$1.42 credit, $1.08 of risk

XOM closed Friday at 91.95, call spread expired fully OTM for MAX PROFIT = ROI 131%

Linkedin (LNKD) - August Wk1 Reverse Iron Condor

$3.55 debit, $1.45 profit potential

LNKD closed Friday at $235.58, call spread expired fully ITM for MAX PROFIT = ROI 41%

Coach (COH) - August Wk1 Reverse Iron Condor

$80 debit, $.20 profit potential

COH closed Friday at $53.36, put spread expired fully ITM for MAX PROFIT = ROI 25%

Herbalife (HLF) - August Wk1 Reverse Iron Condor

$1.70 debit, $.80 profit potential

HLF trading Friday at $64.30, sold call spread for $1.85.  Gain of $.15 = ROI 9%


Way to go ETNtraders!!!  Another FANTASTIC week in the Options Market spread trading together!!!

Options Brokers for CAD Residents

I did a great deal of due diligence last week to update broker availability/requirements/restrictions for Canadian residents. I know many have been disappointed to find optionsXpress and other US brokers stop servicing CAD residents this year.  However, I was VERY pleased to find that there are indeed a number of brokers that are happy to work with Canadian residents to trade options in the US markets. Here are the details:

Interactive Brokers Canada:, 1-877-745-4222. Here’s the rundown: $10k minimum/$25k minimum for day trading. Access to simulated account ONLY if have funded real account. $.70 per contract, $1.00 minimum if you were to buy 1 contract. No fees at all for exercise/assignment (that’s pretty nice). They do not allow options trades in RSP’s.

TDAmeritrade Canada (Think or Swim):, 1-877-348-6722. They allow virtual trading account WITHOUT funding real account. $5,000 USD minimum balance at all times (so you would need more than that to have positions on to cover that cap requirement too). Stock commission is $9.99, options are flat fee of $9.99 + $1.25 per contract for spreads.

Virtual Brokers:, 1-877-310-1088. $1,000 CAD minimum, allow virtual trading during 2 week trial while account application is processing. After that, you have to re-request another virtual account which will also expire in two weeks (makes no sense to me, but that’s how they operate). They have 4 different commission grids, based on how many contracts you’re trading. $9.99 + $1.00 for US market trades, $6.49 + $1.00 for CAD market trades (I believe that is what I was told), and there are two other tiers.

Jitney Trade:, 1-866-608-0099. I don’t think this is a fit for you, no virtual trading, $15k CAD or USD minimum. You have to pay a monthly fee for the RealTek platform (streaming data) and it starts at $200/month (boo hiss). Commissions are also based on frequency/size of trades, somewhere around $6.95 fee + $1.25 per contract.

Questrade (Qtrade):, 1-888-783-7866. Virtual trading similar to TD in that you have 10 days, then can request to extend another 10 etc. Commissions are $9.95 + $1.00 per contract, assignment/exercise $24.95 (boo hiss), $1,000 minimum for straight calls and puts, $5,000 minimum for spreads.

Scotia iTrade:, 1-888-872-3388. $10k minimum, no virtual trading, commissions $24.99 + $1.75, or $9.99 + 1.25 per contract IF you have more than $50k in assets with them.

TradeFreedom – bought by Scotia Bank 3 years ago and rebranded as Scotia iTrade.

RBC Direct Investing:, 1-800-769-2560. No spreads, can trade calls, puts, covered calls and naked puts. Commissions are $28.95 + 1.25 per contract, or $9.95 + $1.25 per contract if you have more than $50k in your accounts.

Hope this helps!!!


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