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Update: 129% ROR for 2014

With April Options Expiration coming and going today, we can now sit back and reflect on the month that has been.  And a good one it was for ETNtraders. 

Let's start with our $100,000 Mock Portfolio that we began with on January 6th of this year.  As of today, the portfolio is worth $229,650.  That is a 129% Rate of Return YTD.  Pretty impressive indeed.  This month alone, we started with a balance of $171,918 and added a healthy $57,732 over the April Expiration period. That makes April our most profitable month all year.  And just think what the Market was doing during that time...  quite a feat indeed.

So, how did we do it?  Well, quite simple.  We stuck to our guns.  We did not make any emotional adjustments to our trading style.  We ignored the rhetoric and talking heads, plowed ahead as always, mixing Technical Analysis, Option Spread Strategy, Probabilities and Volatility Equations into a fine tuned beast of a Trading System.  We mixed in some Bearish, Bullish and Neutral Strategies while focusing on our new Asset Allocation Model to keep us grounded.  All together, we proved that what we do truly WORKS.

It was a great month, and over the long weekend, let's not gloat or look back too much.  Instead, let's look forward to May, apply what we learned in our "learning experiences" (aka losing trades), and let's continue doing what works with our winning ways.  We will have our watch list out for our Members by Sunday.  Make sure you print that out and take a look at some opportunities for next week.  Bring those ideas to the Discussion Board so we can all participate in the discussion. 

If you are not onboard yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  You already missed 129%... how much more can you AFFORD to sit by and watch slip through your fingers?  Join us at one of our Free Open Houses by clicking the link in the column to the right of this blog and join us for an hour and a half that will change your life forever, and that I promise! 

Have a great long weekend everyone, Happy Easter, and we will see you all on Monday at 1pm ET for our next Member-Only Live Trading Class.  Until then, Happy Trading.


Great Week at ETNtrade

With another week under our belt in 2014, this one may well go down as one of our best.  On last Monday's Live Trading Class with our Premium Members, we designed 11 trades, 8 of which expired today as they were Weekly Trades.  Of these 8, we had 5 winners and 3 losers.  Now, at first glance, many would say that is a decent week.  But when you look a little deeper at the numbers, you walk away with a whole new appreciation.

So what are the numbers?  Well, using ou new asset allocation model, where we allocate different amounts into each trade depending on many factors, including probability, risk/reward, type of trade and our personal sentiment, we ended up turning a 5-3 week into big profits.  At the start of the year, we began with a $100,000 mock portfolio.  As of today, that portfolio is worth $159,422 (and this is net after all fees and commissions).  That means we are up 59% in approximately 2 months. 

We are very proud of these results, but they could be much better, and will get much better.  We are always studying our winners and losers, learning from them, adapted and moving forward.  Next week should be another great one.  I hope to see you all there!

Happy Trading,


Greed is Back

As I sit here reading the latest headlines, I just have to shake my head and wonder how it is we got ourselves back to this place again.  Years back, the Real Estate Market was booming.  It was a No Lose Investment...  and EVERYONE was jumping onboard.  And then the inevitable happened, it collapsed.  While we could sit here and dissect why this happened, how it could have been prevented, etc., I feel it is more important to ask ourselves "how can we avoid this happening to us in the future".  Well, the answer is actually quite simple.

Don't Be Greedy!

The top 3 items in the news today are Bitcoin, Marijuana and WhatsApp.  What do these all have in common?  Really?  They are ALL way overpriced and overhyped, are they not?  Now, some of you are immediately going into defense mode right about now.  You are coming up with excuse after excuse as to why these are all great investments, and how they are all worth the money.  But are they? 

Anytime you have the potential to make the kind of return we could from such investments as Bitcoin, you have to understand there is tremendous risk.  People are learning that today as one of the largest Bitcoin Brokers just shut their doors and took their client's money. Bitcoin's rate plummeted 30% in value.  So, was it worth it?  Was it a great investment?

Whenever I talk to the average person about investments, inevitably one of these topics will come up.  No one would be happy with making 39% YTD as we have at ETNtrade trading companies like Home Depot, Macys, Target, etc.  No, they all want the next great home run.  Well, Home Run Hitters don't always hit home runs do they?  They strike out quite a few times.  They also pop out all the time.  The same applies here.  Why always look for the next "big hype" when we can trade conservatively, trade solid, proven companies, and at the same time get results that would rival the promised return from many of these high flyers. 

Everyone take a deep breath as settle down.  Don't get caught up in the hype.  I promise that for every one Google, there are 99+ companies you never heard of because they went to 0.  Don't be the person kicking yourself 5 years from now wondering why you invested in yet another overhyped, overvalued investment.  Be smart, be conservative, make money!  If you don't know how, let us help... Just ask!

Happy Trading,


2014 Trade Results YTD

Hello ETNtraders,

To start off the New Year with the right foot forward, ETNtrade has added many new features to our Membership to continue our goal of being the #1 Option Trader Resource.  One of those features is our brand new Mock Portfolio.  We have put together a spreadsheet that will track all of our trades we demonstrated in our Live Trading Classes throughout the year.  It tracks live entry pricing, live exit pricing, commissions, and any other cost associated with trading.  In short, it is as authentic as one could get as to what a portfolio would look like if doing all of the trades we discuss at ETNtrade.  Even though the purpose of our Live Trading Sessions is strictly education, I feel it is important to track the results as well to ensure that what we are teaching actually works in real life.  Who else out there does that?  I can't think of anyone either...

To set things up, we started off with a $100,000 portfolio.  For some, that may be a little more than you would start with.  For others, it is less.  I chose that number so that I could take ALL of the trades that we take in our classes.  That means there may be times that I am in 25-30 trades at one time.  I need the capital to be able to accomplish that. 

Another new feature is that we are now ranking our trades with Asset Allocation "Units".  One unit can be defined as a predetermined amount of money that we will put into each trade.  So, on a 1-10 scale, we can account for those trades we would put less into, and those we would put more into.  For our tracking purposes, 1 unit will equal 1% of the portfolio, and therefore 10 units would be 10%.  So, at no time will we have more than 10% of our portfolio at risk in any one trade.  Others may want to use a different ratio, but this works very nicely for us in this mock case. 

So how are we doing so far in 2014?  Well, with a starting base of $100,000 on January 6, I am proud to announce that as of expiration today, January 24th, we have a Mock Portfolio worth $125,113.48.  While we cannot expect this type of return every 2-3 weeks in the Market, it sure does say quite a bit about whether the techniques we teach at ETNtrade actually work.  I can say, not only with words but also with numbers, that indeed, THEY WORK!  We consistently have proven this over the last 4+ years, and will continue to do so moving forward. 

I also would like to point out that these numbers are ABSOLUTELY NOT back-tested trades.  Many people show off great trade results, but if you look at the fine print at the bottom of the page, you find they were back testing.  Well sure, that is no surprise they made money, now is it?  Anyone can be successful if looking back on the Market to place past trades.  Heck, I would just bet that the Broncos will face the Seahawks in the Super Bowl instead.  I mean, statistics would have suggested it a month ago, so why not "back-test" a bet on it?  See how silly that sounds?  That is not real trading.  Real Traders have to trade in Real Time.  So, all of our trades in our Mock Portfolio are not only delivered in a Member-Only Live Trading format, but they are also tracked on our Member-Only Discussion Board as well, both entry and exits and they are done LIVE in the Market.  Real Trades, Real Time and more importantly... Real Results! 

And we are just getting started.  I am excited for Monday, when we get to explore a whole new set of trades and continue to grow our Mock Portfolio to all new highs.  Will you be joining us?  For more details on how, email us by the start of the Training on January 28th, as that will be the final day of Open Enrollment:  We would love to have you all onboard!

Also, if you would like to see the spreadsheet with all of our trade results, I would be glad to share it with you.  Just email me and let me know:   

We will see all of our Current Members on Monday and all of our New Members on Tuesday!

Happy Trading,



Earnings Season Update

As we are sitting in the heart of Earnings Season right now, I would like to take a timeout and see how things are shaping up for certain Market Sectors, and re-visit some of the trades ETNtraders are in right now that are producing very nicely for us.  With Bearish trades going on IBM, HPQ, GOOG, MCD and MSFT, Non-Directional trades on COH, CREE, SBUX and NFLX and with additional Bullish trades on NFLX, MA, DFS and others, Earnings Season is looking to be an extremely profitable one for those following the ETNtrade System.  So far, our post-earnings trades are 6 for 6 this week.  Add to that a few Technical Trades that are looking great, as well as a handful of Earnings Trades that have not yet announced, this could end up being the best week ever at ETNtrade. 

I apologize for my optimism, but as a REAL TRADER, I know what it feels like to get in a slump.  That is why we discuss "Righting the Ship" in Class #7 of the Boot Camp Training.  Last week was not our best (but still profitable mind you), so I assumed this week would be a good one, because statistically speaking it should "always come out in the wash".  It looks like we are right there.  Our Mock Portfolio is already primed to add on about $14,000 this week already (on a $100,000 mock portfolio, you can see why I am so happy).  Now, I KNOW we will have some losers too, as that is simply a part of trading, but with big hitters like 210% ROR on IBM, we can handle a few bumps in the road. 

As for the Sectors, Technology has taken its lumps (IBM and INTC both getting hit hard).  Financials started off soft but then rebounded nicely, to include Credit Card Companies such as MA who just went through a 10 for 1 split today that ETNtraders profited 150% on.  Retail started off at a turtle's pace, and though optimism is out there, they have yet to blow away any of the expectations set by the Market.  And while we are on that subject, you do know how to measure market sentiment using options, right?  If not, you absolutely need to get to the Boot Camp Classes which start this Tuesday, January 28th!

I look forward to carrying this momentum forward with our Members in next Monday's Live Trading Class.  If you are not already a Premium Member, what are you waiting for?  Register for the Free Session in the box on the right of this blog, or contact me at to set up a free consultation.  There is no better time than now to be an ETNtrader!


Happy Trading Everyone,



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