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GOOG Day. Best Day of the Year!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the quarter…  GOOG earnings day.  Unfortunately for me, I am so busy working on getting things ready to launch our new website, I am not able to trade it like I usually do.  But nonetheless, here are my thoughts.  Given the volatility levels of GOOG, I like to decide between a Strangle or Iron Condor.

Typically, Google releases earnings the day before option expiration, so front month options are a great value for going long.  This time around, that is not the case.  So, the Feb options are our best choice.  Even though it is expected to make a move, I would look into a wide Iron Condor (possibly 40-50 points on either side) as the options are priced well enough to still collect some good premium with quite low risk.

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An Elite Welcome


Welcome to our ETNtrade blog. We will be hosting blogs from many Elite Traders here, allowing them to not only give you a little insight into what they are thinking about the markets, but also what they are trading on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  I am just as excited as you all to hear what they have to offer and I look forward to sharing my ideas and trades with you here as well.

Please feel free to post comments on the blogs and we will be sure to take any of your thoughts or suggestions to heart.  I look forward to trading with you all.

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It's Earnings Time!

In our class today, we looked at Straddle and Strangle risk curves for earnings announcements coming up in one month’s time.  HD and TGT hit the radar right away for me and I will be looking for a potential opportunity on one of them in the coming days.  With the VIX at such low levels it seems that Straddle/ Strangle opportunities abound right now.

Happy Trading,
Option Dave


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