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One of the greatest myths of investing is that in order for you to become a great trader, you have to be a great "stock picker".  However, this could not be farther from the truth. Actually, while most traders will own stock or funds in their portfolio, the best traders don't care about finding the perfect stock.  Why not?

Well, it is actually simpler than you might think.  I look at stock traders like I look at a person doing home repairs with only a hammer in their toolbox.  So, in order for them to be successful, they must find a nail.  Stock traders spend their entire time looking for the perfect nail (stock) to fit their only tool (buying shares).  Once you realize that there are thousands of other tools that one could have in their toolbox, your paradigm will change dramatically.

This is where options come in.  While even most option traders simply buy a Call or a Put depending on which way they believe the stock will move, the only way to truly succeed in the markets CONSISTANTLY is to learn to become a Spread Trader.  Spread Trading is the art of combining together multiple option trades (buying and selling calls and puts) to create strategies that can be used to profit on a stock NO MATTER WHAT IT DOES.  The best of the best learn ways to profit in multiple directions on the stock.

Do you want to learn how to do this?  If your answer is no, then I will tell you what I tell people all the time who do not have the time to learn, GET OUT.  Do not be the donator.  Those that do learn will always win. 

IF you said YES, you are ready to learn, we are here to help.  Attend one of the Free Classes listed on the right of this page.  Sign up for our free newsletter on the left.  Better yet, use the above CONTACT US button and let me know you are ready, and I will put together a plan with you that both fits your budget and your schedule.

The only person who can lift the anchor and set the sails is you.  Until then, you will be stuck in the same spot.  I am here to help you set sail, leave the harbor safely, and reach all of those dreams and goals you have set for yourself. 

Happy Trading,



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