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After 8 consecutive profitable months, with RORs from 21% to 40% respectively, this months 20% ROR extended that streak to 9 for 9 this year. We are very proud of these results as once again, our Mock Portfolio is definitive proof that what we do WORKS.



The numbers this month are quite impressive given the Market environment we were dealt. While a 20% ROR may have been our smallest of the year, when comparing that to other Investors who LOST 10-20% or their portfolios during the Market correction, we are quite proud of our continued success.


Currently, our Mock Portfolio, which we started at the beginning of the year with $100,000, sits at $539,513. That is an impressive 440% rate of return year-to-date. Seeing as the DOW is down 10% during that same period of time, and the NASDAQ down 4%, any profits would be a welcome site by a majority of Investors. However, as ETNtraders, we do not accept modest results. We continue to do what we know works, try new ways of trading as the Market shifts, and despite having a few more losing trades than winning ones, profit consistently month to month.


From simple Calls and Puts, to Straddles and Strangle, to Broken Wing Reverse Iron Condors, our variety of trade types, risk profiles and directional trades proves to be a statistical winner month after month. We look forward to finishing the year strong and adding on even more units.


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