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Earnings Season is upon us once again, and while we are only about a week in, we already have quite a bit of data to look at in determining how we will position ourselves for profiting this time around. 

First off, with two back to back days of extreme volatility in the Market, this Monday was a difficult day to identify the Priced In amount of our options on each Earnings Stock.  In retrospect, many options were too heavily weighted, as many stocks did not or barely reached their priced in prediction.  This was especially true in the Tech Sector. With that said, Wednesday brought us a unique opporunity to adjust our strategies for this new outlook, and we are already seeing the results coming in very positive for us. We also now have data in the Credit Card Sector, Tech Sector, Energy Sector, etc.

On the horizon, we have some big hitters: MSFT, GOOGL, AAPL, and many more.  We have already set our Members up with the analysis and pricing needed to place profitable trades, and we will host a Free Web-Class tomorrow (Thursday April 23) to analyze how we did this.  If you would like to join us, simply click on the Registration Link in the right column of this page, register, and we will see you there.  If you do not make it, we will post the trades and results right here on the website and in the blog for your review.

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