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Starting with this Friday's New Member Orientation, ETNtrade will begin another round of our popular Option Spread Trading Boot Camp Training Series.  This fantastic training will run July 15- 25 and will cover all aspects of option trading including Strategies, Risk Curve Analysis, the Greeks and most importantly the Psychology of Trading (to include Risk Management, Asset Allocation, Trading Plans, etc.).

Don't miss this opportunity to join us.  We will be hosting a Free Introduction Class this Thursday and we would love for you to join us.  You can simply click here to register:  On that class, we will cover the ETNtrade Trading System, put together some live trades and give you the opportunity to join us while saving $300 off the normal tuition rate for the Boot Camp. 

I hope to see you there!  Happy Trading,



Next Free Webinar Event:

 The ETNtrade Trading System

Focus: Introduction to Options

Thursday, March 7 @ 1pm ET

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