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This has truly been a very special year so far here at ETNtrade. While we have always been able to show results that would be considered record breaking in most trading circles, this year we have taken it to a whole new level.


May was certainly no let down month for us… not by a long shot. For starters we had not 1 but 2 record breaking weeks during the May Expiration month. Obviously, that is a big reason why May was a record breaking month in itself. But calling it simply a record month would be a real understatement of what actually happened this month. Here is a rundown of the months highs, lows, records and results:


Our Mock Portfolio, which tracks every trade we give out during our Live Trading Sessions, started off the May Expiration month on 3/21 with a balance of $229,650. That in itself was quite impressive, seeing as we started the year at $100,000. But put on your seatbelt as I announce where the portfolio is currently valued. As of May Option Expiration on 5/16, the Mock Portfolio had a value of $468.829. That is an incredible $239,179 profit, or 104% Rate of Return!  Let’s break it down further.



For starters, we did 65 trades this month. 40 of those trades were winners; 25 trades were losers. That is a success rate of 62%. Not bad, but that is not what is important. What is most important is how big the winners were and how small the losers.


Our top winner of the month, and one of the best ever in the 5 year history of ETNtrade, was a 454% ROR Credit Spread on Disney. Our biggest loser, of course, was 100% as we sometimes have spreads that will go worthless. However, with good money management, these trades will not wipe us out, and they are easily offset by trades like the DIS one.


Some of the most successful trades we did were Credit Spreads, Debit Spreads, RICs and Iron Condors. Many of our Technical Analysis based trades performed very well, and comparing Priced In versus Average Move has netted us some great results on Earnings trades. We plan to continue this style of trading until the Market dictates a change. In the meantime, our hardest decision will be where to take our next vacation, and not what to do with our portfolio. It was a great month, but just wait until you see what we do in June!!!

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