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The numbers are in, and despite our getting a late jump on the week by holding our Live Trading Class on Tuesday instead of the usual Monday, we have done something that has never been done before in ETNtrade's 5 year history:  40% RATE OF RETURN on our entire Mock Portfolio in 4 DAYS!  We began the week with $267,000 in our portfolio, and we ended the week with $375,000.  That is a profit of $108,000 less than 4 days.  What a week it was!

Now, let's break the numbers down a bit.  Probably the most impressive part of these numbers is the fact that we began the year with $100,000.  So, not only does that mean we are up 275% year-to-date, but it also means that we over doubled our initial investment this week alone.  While we cannot expect this every week, we sure don't need many like it to be happy for the month, or the year for that matter.  Many Traders would be happy quitting here and it would be their best year ever.  But not us... we are going to keep cool heads, not get greedy, keep doing what we do and keep making money. 

The trades that were most successful were our OTM Debit Spreads on Earnings, a few RICs and Iron Condors targeting the skew between Priced In and Average Move, and our best trade of all, a 400% ROR Put Condor on Priceline (PCLN). 

Are you impressed YET?  Our Members have reported some fantastic results themselves, and we look to continue growing, learning and making money.  Are you a Member?  If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  We have one last Open Enrollment opportunity left for this quarter, and it will be this coming Monday night.  Join us for the Free Session by registering in the column on the right of this page.  If you have already been to an Intro Session and you are just ready to get onboard, feel free to do so at  If anyone has any questions, would like to chat or need any assistance in any way, do not hesitate to ask.

Happy Trading and God Bless!



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