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Another great weekly option expiration day has come and gone at ETNtrade, and a very profitable one it was.  Even though our Win/Loss Ratio was only 10 Wins to 8 Losses, we walked away the end of the week with an additional $21,000 in the books for our Mock Portfolio.  To update our Year to Date Numbers, we now have $250,477 in our mock portfolio.  Given that we started the year with $100,000, it is safe to say that we are well on our way to a record breaking year at ETNtrade.  I hope everyone reading this is onboard the train already, and if not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Here are a few key takeaways from this week: 

  • Wednesday's trades were spectacular.  6 of our 7 trades were profitable, with our best being AMZN which netted a whopping 284% Rate of Return.
  • On our Free Class on Tuesday, we gave out a trade on AAPL that netted us a 107% Rate of Return in just 3 Days.
  • We are still in one trade that expires next Friday and two that expire the 3rd Friday of May, and all three are looking good. 
  • The mixture of trade types was very diverse.  We had some Iron Condors, Reverse Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, Debit Spreads, Butterflies, etc.  So, we attacked the market with a full toolbox and brought out the right ones to get each job done.

Have a great weekend everyone, and for our Premium Members, we will see you all on Monday at 1pm ET for our Live Trading Class.  Keep an eye out over the weekend for the Week's Watch List to be posted to the Calendar.  For everyone else, we will see you in May.  Keep in mind, the Core Training Series will be taking place starting May 6th, so if any of our Members would like to audit it again, you are welcome to join us. 

God Bless and Happy Trading,



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