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With Earnings Season kicking off this week, three of the stocks that seemed to jump off the page at us were BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond), FDO (Family Dollar) and PIR (Pier 1 Imports).  All three announced Earnings, reported numbers short of expectations, especially for December, but what is even more troubling is their low Guidance numbers.  All three companies are expecting a slow down in sales over the next quarter.  These numbers sent all three stocks lower, with two of them off over 12% (BBBY and PIR). 

Is this a sign of what is to come in the Retail Sector over the next few weeks?  Possibly, no check that... probably.  What I can tell you for sure is this:  I would be very cautious if directional trading the Retail Sector during these coming weeks, as I expect Volatility to continue along this Sector over the next month. 

So, what should we do if we cannot trade these directionally?  Well, join us on Monday for our Live Trading Class and see just how we plan to position ourselves for the upcoming announcements next week on such companies as INTC, GE, UNH, AXP, JPM, and many more.  If you are not yet a Member, what are you waiting for?  Come to our Free Trading Class on Tuesday and hear more about the reason why ETNtraders are pulling in profits that far exceed those acheived by the average Investor in the Market.  To join the free class, simpy click the link to the right of this blog and register now.  As for our Members, you know what to do... see you all Monday or Tuesday!

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