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Another Profit-Packed Week at ETNtrade.  In addition to the Phenominal Winning Streak OptionDave has been on (an ENTIRE MONTH without a losing trade), DanTrader just wrapped up a pretty impressive week himself, closing out all September expiration trades for an 80% win/loss Ratio.  In other words, out of 15 total trades closed today, 12 were winners, and BIG ONES at that:

ULTA– Sept. Call Butterfly = 318%

LOW – Sept. Call Butterfly = 208%

TSLA – Sept. Bull Put Spread = 163%

KKD– Sept. Bear Call Spread = 122%

SWHC – Sept. 10/11 Bear Call Spread = (100%)

TSLA– Sept. Iron Condor = 61%

ORCL – Sept. Reverse Iron Condor = (53%)

CAT– Sept. Reverse Call Butterfly = 50%

DECK– Sept. Iron Condor = 45%

SYY – Sept. Bull Put Spread = (43%)

FIVE– Sept. Bull Put Spread = 41%

PVH– Sept. Iron Condor = 31%

HLF– Sept. Bull Put Spread = 20%

LULU– Sept. Iron Condor = 20%

P– Sept. Bull Put Spread = 12%

Pretty tough to argue against results like these, and it's all about the ETNtrade Trading System!


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