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OptionDave had a record setting week once again!  Can you say 7 for 7?  Truly phenomenal consistency over here at ETNtrade.  Here are the results for our trades that we opened on Monday, August 26 and closed at weekly expiration on August 30:

AAPL – August Wk5 Bear Call Spread = 52% ROI

CRM – August Wk5 Reverse Iron Condor = 56% ROI

GPS – August Wk5 Bear Call Spread = 32% ROI

TIF – August Wk5 Iron Condor = 21% ROI

TIF – August Wk5 Bull Put Spread = 3% ROI

WMT – August Wk5 Broken Wing Iron Condor = 15% ROI

WMT – August Wk5 Bull Put Spread = 10% ROI

I have to add that DanTrader also came to the table batting .667 (not a bad slugging percentage at that). Not as many weekly trades, but boy does he have some big winners pending for September expiration!!!

CREE – August Wk5 Iron Condor = 34% ROI

TSLA – August Wk5 Iron Condor = (56%) ROI

JOY – August Wk5 Reverse Call Condor = 32% ROI

Keep up the GREAT WORK ETNtraders!!!


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