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To your credit I made enough money in a very short time to cover my education and then some. That’s never happened to me before. I’ve already recommended you to other traders.

— Jim D.

Your ETN offerings are excellent. Clearly the best cost/benefit experience I have ever had. At 62, I have been around the block a few times and recognize excellence when I see it.

— Kim L.

The live sessions are comprehensive. The biggest help for me is the weekly live trades. The lesson on ‘Trade Exits & Option Expiration’ was by far what separates ETNtrade from others.

— Darryl D.

Your program is the best learning and training experience of my 40+ years of trading. You guys are true professionals, and excellent in providing what the retail trader needs.

— Bill D.

Just made 32% on Dan's strategy… Wow! That more than covered my investment in your course, so I'll be signing up!

— Avi F.

The hardest part of this training is the homework. The best part of this training is definitely the homework! You really make me think and apply my training.

— Monica V.

I think with these courses it is really important to have reinforcement and continuity. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I just simply love your energy and enthusiasm Dave!

— Edith K.

I really can't express enough how much I've learned over the past 4 months, both T/A and how the Option Market works from your trainings.

— Tim C.

I want to report my first really big success! I did a strangle on Toyota and came out nicely in the green. I stuck with my trading plan.

— Dr Bob B.

When your expectations are met and exceeded, your students are your best form of advertisement.

— Ray T.

I just exited my GOOG 500/480 Strangle, which I entered yesterday morning. A bit disappointed having only made $1700 in less than 24 hrs (just kidding). I think I love you boys.

— Harry H.

The flexibility of ETNtrade all adds up to a real value for the price. I loved it when you mentioned the objective of other training organizations seems to have changed from training to selling.

— Walter L.

Your services are top of the line, and you deserve the success you have worked so hard to achieve. I wish you God's blessing.

— Roland H.

As a flight instructor, I know that not all people learn at the same rate. Breaking it down another way like you did, the light went on and it made sense.

— Steve K.

The best option training I have ever had, and with a lot more detail and insight into the process. Great Service!

— Kenneth F.

All I can say is DollarBart rules! I bought 3 AAPL 470 calls in my retirement account for $1.97 each based on Bart’s analysis and sold it today for $26. Wow, nice 1200% return.

— Jason B.

Made 71% on my Google Wk 2 580 calls. In at $7.00 on Wednesday, out at $12.02. Thanks, lovin’ it.

— Joe W.

Although I missed my goal of paying for the course while taking it, I did pay for it the first week after. Outstanding! I thought you might enjoy hearing one of your student’s first month experience.

— Fred L.

GOOG was my very first trade last October… it paid for my classes with a little left over. That made my husband happy too. Thanks for teaching me these non-directional trades!!

— Jolene H.

You guys are the real thing. I see how you put your soul into teaching us, and I appreciate that a lot.

— Victor P.

Made $5,500 on NAV today on an earnings spread I entered June 2nd. I also made money on GIII today (also entered June 2nd). GIII up $3,834 on trade of $2,010 for 190% return. 2 for 2!

— Ron G.

Sold my OREX position this morning… bought 30 contracts, only made about $15,000. Lunch anyone? Keep those coming and you'll have a client for life. Love you guys.

— Harry H.

I love your volatility lectures. I had some ‘Aha moments’ each time I heard them. I’m just now beginning to see the magnitude of what you both have given us. All I can say is THANKS!!!

— Martha H.

I am so grateful. Actually, I am kind of dumbfounded. It still has to sink in. I am such a happy camper now, and I just wanted to write and share my joy. I already have all my course money back.

— Ria T.


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